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We’re a picky couple, we like our food hot, our cutlery heavy and our bedding made of soft linen. Its true, that we appreciate smart design in everyday things, in fact it’s one of the great points we share as a couple.

bf-weighted-BlanketWith this in mind, It was exciting news when the founder of the Boyfriend Blanket (Patrick Roche) pinged over an email with an offer to try out one of his products.

The great news is, we are running a giveaway of a Boyfriend Blanket to one lucky reader. See the end of this blog post for full details and how to enter.

Disclosure: We did not pay for this product, nor did we accept any payments. Our comments are unbiased. The review is written after owning and testing the Boyfriend Blanket for the past three weeks in our home in Edinburgh..

First Impressions

‘Wow this things heavy’ …I think that’s what the Amazon delivery guy said when he carried it up two flights of stairs to our flat. Good news for a weighted blanket right, were off to the perfect start.boyfriend-blanket-review

The Item arrived in two cardboard boxes, with good packaging and nice branding on the inner box. The blanket itself is stored in a strong cream fabric case with a drawstring at one end that looks much like a christmas sack with red stitched writing! I think we found a second use for it this December!

Who is the Boyfriend Weighted Blanket designed for?

Patrick Roche, the founder behind Boyfriend Blanket designed this product especially for those who are in a long distance relationship and those who suffer from anxiety, sleep problems & loneliness.

Although we had both previously heard about weighted blankets, neither Adam or I had tried one up to this point.

“The Boyfriend Blanket. A Weighted Blanket for Anxiety, Sleep & Loneliness. Experience the feeling of being hugged to Sleep Every Night”

After three weeks – Our full review of the Weighted Boyfriend Blanket.

This arrived at the perfect time of year for us, December in Scotland is mighty cold. A good time after work to pop Netflix on and climb under the Boyfriend Blanket. We started using ours on the sofa across our legs and laps, but after an hour or so found the blanket to be too heavy for us in this position. (Our blanket weight is 25lbs, the heaviest of the three sizes).

We soon found the ideal position was on the bed were the blanket can really do its thing. Once settled you will be as snug as a bug in a rug! Although designed for one person, we both fit under the blanket and the first time using it we fell asleep so quickly. It’s true, we found this very calming and comforting in the laying down position

During the two years spent living long distance both Adam and I has talked about  ‘heavy blankets’ and wondered how comforting they are, would they take some of the stress away?

After experiencing the Boyfriend Blanket for the past three weeks, we can honestly say owning one would have helped us relax at night.

“Studies as published in Occupational Therapy in Mental Health journal have shown that up to 78% of participants felt a sense of calming modality and reduced anxiety after using a weighted blanket.”

Design and practicality

The blanket comes with a smart removable outer cover, with breathable denim style fabric (much lighter and softer than jean denim) and very soft wool-style inner fabric.

Weighted Blanket Infographic designAlthough the blue colour wouldn’t be our first choice, Patrick has designed a new line of neutral designs to will appeal to a wider audience.

In case you are worried about shifting weight, have no fear, the blanket has secure 6” pockets sewn into the filling and is very well made.

We learned that the blanket contains high density glass beads that silently shift when you do. Adam and I can binge-watch our favorite show with comfort as the weight calms us subconsciously.

Would we buy one? Honestly yes, this gets a big thumbs up from both of us.

Summary Points

  • Be sure to order the appropriate weight! Use the weighted blanket chart available to see what weight is best for you.
  • We found the blanket very comforting and we would consider buying this if we were still living long distance, or if you feel extra weight will help you sleep at night.
  • There is definitely a benefit of counteracting loneliness and anxiety with the Boyfriend Blanket.

> Take a look at the see the lastest price on Amazon

> Or look on the company website here – Rocabi.com

Giveaway Competition

Boyfriend Blanket weightedDesigner Patrick has kindly offered the chance for one lucky ready to win one of his blankets.

To enter simply share this post on your social media and add why you would benefit from owning the boyfriend blanket? Then send us a link to your entry here.

Best of luck. The winner will be chosen by Patrick and the at team Sending-My-Love.com.

Closing date to enter 15th January 2019

The lucky winner will be announced on this page.


Boyfriend Blanket Review
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