It’s time to jump away from the everyday small talk and discover what really makes your partner a tick. What are their values? What motivates them? What are their aspirations for the future?

If you really what to connect with these deep questions, we suggest picking a good moment when the phone is away and you can both fully engage with some meaningful conversations.

Brilliant, are you ready for this? Let’s take a good look though….

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Deep questions to ask your partner:

1: Are you in a good place in your life right now?

2: Why did your last relationship end?

3: In your eyes, how would you define cheating?

4: Who do you care the most about right now and why?

5: What were your first thoughts when we met?

6: What is more important to you financial independence or emotional stability?

7: What things are most  important in our relationship?

8: Do you believe in god?

9: Do you have any life changing events?

10: Name your favorite historical figure?

11: What kinds of people do you navigate towards?

12: Do you stay in touch with any of your school friends?

13: What is your longest relationship?

14: Do you belive in finding your soulmate?

15: Are you prepared to give up certain things in your current life to start a new life together?

16: Can you imagine us still together in 5 years time?

17: Do you believe in fate?

18: Have you ever embraced other ways of living or cultures?

19: If you could relive a moment in life what would it be and why?

20: Have you ever suffered from an addiction?

21: What are your 5 best and worst character traits?

22: Do you believe in love?

23: Are you prepared to work through the hard time during our LDR?

24: Can you see us together in 5 years time?

25: What is your earliest memory?

26: Did you grow up in a loving family?

27: Are you good at compromising?

28: What do you value most about our relationship?

29: What story do you enjoy telling the most?

30: What scares you the most about the future?

31: Describe your perfect life, the way you would live in your dreams?

32: Is there a mantra you live by?

33: Do you think the past will affect our future?

34: What do you value the most about a partner?

35: Is there anything about you that will never change?

36: How do you find escapism?

37: How do you react around violence?

38: Who is your role model?

39: How compatible do you think we are?

40: Do you think about becoming a parent one day?

41: What do you live for, tell me your passions?

42: Are there any mentors that have help shaped you as a person?

43: Have you been in love before?

44: Would you describe yourself as a introvert or an extrovert?

45: Are you good at keeping secrets?serious questions to ask boyfriend or girlfriend

Serious questions to ask your boyfriend / girlfriend

46: Have you ever burned bridges with friends or family?

47: Can you remember your favorite birthday?

48: Rich and single or broke and in love?

49: What one thing have you always wanted to ask me?

50: If you found $1000 dollars what would you do?

51: Do you have any recurring dreams?

52: What personality traits do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

53: Where would you travel if you won the lottery?

54: Did your parents teach you any valuable lessons?

55: Do you hold grudges easily?

56: If you were to judge a person, what are the three-points, you would judge them on?

57: Would you relocate to anew country for me?

58: Are there ways I can encourage and support you better?

59: What are you most grateful for?

60: Are there any big experiences that have shaped the person you are today?

61: What is your earliest childhood memory?

62: Name your top 5 movies?

63: Do you keep a journal?

64: Do you have any serious friendships with the opposite sex?

65: What makes you feel most accomplished in life?

66: How would you define success?

67: Are you still friends with any of your ex-girlfriends/boyfriends

68: Do you have any past regrets?

69: What qualities do you admire most about your parents?

70: Have you ever had your heart broken?

71: What are you views on social media?

72: What’s on your bucket list?

73: Have you ever cried tears of pure joy?

74: If your parents didn’t like me at first, what would you do?

75: How would you describe your relationship with money?

76: What’s your philosophy in life?

77: Do you believe in true love?

78: Is there a song that takes you back to a good time?

79: Do you believe in paranormal activity?

80: Name three things that make you happy?

81: What is your biggest fear in life?

82: If you could have one gift to give what would it be?

83: The saying grow old gracefully. Do you believe this is true?

84: What are you views on charity work?

85: Name 3 deal breaker in a relationship?

86: What is the biggest challenge in your life?

87: What question have you always wanted to ask me?

88: Is there such a thing as life after death? Your views?

89: Are ‘white lies’ a good thing?

90: What topics do you enjoy reading about?

91: If you could transform into any animal, which would you be?

92: Name your ideal career and why?

93: Health and fitness, what are your views?

94: Are you and adventurous person?

95: How do you think fame would change you?

96: Are you a spiritual person?

97: Which parent are you closest to and why?

97: Do you enjoy your alone time?

99: What are your views on starting a family one day?

100: Have you got an investment plan for the future?

101: What do you find attractive about me?