While living long distance, many couples find themselves repeating the same style of conversations each day, or writing the same kind of letters to each other. This can soon become boring and the magic is lost.

To fix this simply try out these 12 fun games for long distance relationships. Some of these ideas will help reveal more about your S.O’s hidden character and some will test your own imagination. Most will make you laugh in some way.

long distance couple games

The 12 games can be adapted for texting, speaking on the phone, or even over Skype. Our personal favourite is to include a game when sending a handwritten letter.

Best games for long distance relationships

1: Would you rather

Let’s start off with an old classic – Yes it’s the ‘would you rather’ game. Ask your girlfriend/boyfriend would you rather ‘this’, or would you rather ‘that’.

Would you rather go on a safari Africa or go scuba diving over the Great Barrier Reef?
Would you rather only eat curry for every meal, or only eat toast?

2: Guess the facts game

Write down 6 fun facts. Two will be the truth and four will be made up lies. Your significant other has to guess the correct two. We find this game the most fun when posted with a letter.

Your girlfriend/boyfriend can think about the questions, circle the answers and send it back with a new letter. Not only is the game fun for long distance couples, but it will give you lots of other topics to write about in your return letter. Give it a try!

3: Song lyrics games

Anyone who is a fan of the movie ‘The Other Guys’ will really like this one. The police captain repeatedly quotes song lyrics from the group T.L.C. – The detectives question him but he denies all knowledge that he is quoting song lyrics. See the clip below:

How to play:
Pick your partner’s favourite band then see how many common the song lyrics you can slip into the conversation before getting caught out! The game works well for texting too.

4: Who would you? (Best long distance couple games)

This is one of our favourite long-distance relationship games! – Ask your girlfriend/boyfriend to pick 3-4 people who they would invite round for dinner and the reason why.

Spin-offs could be – If you were stuck on a desert island, what three celebrities who you choose and why?

….simply think up any scenario and the people they would choose.

5: Guess where I am game

Send your girlfriend/boyfriend abstract pictures of your surroundings and ask them to guess the destination. Or add a hint by including a few words. It could be a fun way showing them around your town. Start with a close-up picture and gradually reveal more photos and information.

6: This or that questions (LDR text game)

A simple game to play. Ask a ‘this or that’ question then your partner can fire some back.

Pizza or Burger
Italy or England
Fly or Sail
Cardio or Weights

7: Riddles

Adding a riddle to your letters or text messages is a great way of keeping the banter going. This will encourage out of the box thinking and could be a game that goes on for some time. Try using www.riddles.com to find your riddles. Dop a few hints to the answer if need be.

Long Distance Relationship Games

riddles.com – Long Distance Relationship Games to play

8: Continue the story game

let your imagination run wild with this one. Start with a story a few paragraphs long and then send it to your girlfriend/boyfriend. (text or written letter). Your partner then picks up where you left off and adds the next chapter. Repeat the game from there on.

Neither person has to be a good writer, It’s a fun way for a long distance couple to build an adventure together learning more about each other along the way.

9: QuizUp App

A free mobile trivia app. Play multi-question and answer games with your partner or link to your social media to play multiplayer games. Enjoy!


10: Long Distance truth or dare game

A classic game that I’m sure you’ve played before. Make the questions as ‘spicy’ as you like!

The truth or dare game works for long distance couples too, it just takes a bit more imagination. When you receive dares, it may help to record the dares on your phone as proof!

Truth examples:
Have you ever……
If you could…….
Do you prefer….or…..

Dare examples:
Show me your sexiest dance
Record yourself singing out loud in the supermarket
Tell me your biggest fantasy

11: Drawing games

Next time you send a written letter to add a drawing of a person or scene. Write a few hits on the paper describing what the picture is about. Your partner then has to guess the answer. Drop a few more hints in a text message if need be. You don’t have to be good at drawing to play this, just let your imagination run wild.

12: Find the ice cream flavour

Everyone enjoys ice cream! Send your partner a link to this page and compare your scores after the game:

Bonus Ideas!

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