Hi, my name is Angela and his name is Jon. I am 22 years old and he is 24 years old. We both met at work during the middle of his shift. We have been in a long distance relationship for just over 4 months.

I currently live in New York, He now lives in Cali. We are separated by 2828.03 miles.

I am a really big ‘Beatlemaniac’ and I love to paint sets for plays. I also like to draw and do anything crafty. He loves The Beatles too and his favorite Beatles album is ‘Abbey Road.’

A few months ago I got a new job and this amazing lady helped me out and showed me the ropes. A week later there was this guy around my age and the moment I meet him I knew that he was some kind of wonderful, something magical was about to happen.

We would talk often at work and went on a fun lunch date. The timing was crazy busy with the holidays and about two months into the job I found out that he was moving. We didn’t have the chance to go on a second date because of all that was happening at the time.

I haven’t seen him since December and he is coming up to visit in August. We talk often and write each other letters. Sometimes we send gifts to each other too. I had found out that he was at the same concert as me in 2016 and we didn’t even know each other at the time. I am so blessed to get to know him.

A few people from work were excited and happy for me. I was affected because people kept on asking why we never went out earlier. It was such a crazy time and few months before he had to move but we will be going out in August.

When we next meet up in August we will go explore together, we are ready for some amazing adventures. I’ve been looking for a new job for awhile and was debating on applying for the company. I am so happy I did because I got to meet such an awesome hardworking man. This guy is the light of my life and talking to him is the best.

Travel is pricey and he is coming up to visit in August. Our visits will be once a year and maybe twice. I am saving up to visit him sometime next year.

One memorable experience we’ve been through as a couple was working a late night shift together. The workplace was pretty quiet so we spend hours talking to each other. That’s when we really started to bond and get to know each other more.

We will get to enjoy the movies and dinner when he comes up for a visit. We both love art and he is a very passionate cook. Maybe we will get the chance to bake or cook together when he visits.

My perfect weekend with him would be going on a picnic in the park. We would also sing songs together which would be splendid.

The most romantic thing I have done for my S.O was sending him a ring in the mail with a handmade letter. He sends me beautiful cards in the mail and I like to read them every single day.

A funny story I have is when we stayed up really late talking to each other. We spent hours upon hours just naming a whole bunch of different bands. In total, we had named way over one hundred bands. We sent each other GIFS congratulating each other. I was impressed how many bands we kept on naming without looking anything up. Soon when he visits we will have lots of travel stories to share together.

Yes, we both share a favourite movie which is Home Alone and we both love all things, Disney. I don’t watch much television but we both enjoy watching some good cartoons.

One of my favourite resources to use is the countdown app which makes every day more exciting. I love being able to countdown the days until I get to see him again. I haven’t really looked into LDR Apps but Tumblr is an excellent place for tips and advice.

He is always there for me no matter what time of the day it is. I also value how his smile makes me happy in an instant. He always knows how to cheer me up and I value how hardworking he truly is.

He has given me lots of goodies that came all the way from Cali. I love all of them because he gets to share his adventures with me and I get to hold them in the palm of my hand. I love sending him out special gift baskets of yummy treats. On my break at work, I enjoy picking out surprises for him and sending them in the mail.

Our favourite motto is “May the force be with you.” He is a total Star Wars lover and I’ve gotten really into Star Wars too.

Some tips I would give to other LDR couples is that you have to put in the work. In the relationship, you have to communicate but not excessively. Send each other photos of adventures and write lots of letters in the mail.

I haven’t gotten the chance to meet his family yet so no plans are currently set in stone. We hope to someday live together, this is our dream.

I have learned that communication is crucial and how to truly live in the moment. This means that you must live for the now and be patient with exciting things will happen soon.

As a nickname, he calls me Princess and I call him Prince. I am sure when he visits we will have nicknames for each other. The story behind that is we both are very loyal to each other and I believe that we should always treat each other that way.

One of my favourite ways to communicate is messenger because we can also video chat on that too. It is a great way to be able too to send photos and talk to each other.

I also love writing letters to him and handwritten letters are the best. I believe that more people should write letters to each other and send them in the mail no matter the distance.

My final message would be – Never stop smiling and always stay strong!

If you’d like I can be found on Instagram at Loveisbeatleful and on Tumblr at Loveisbeatleful. A website may be coming someday in the future but for now, those two are the places you may find me.

Thanks for reading.

Angela & Jon