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LDR Resources

LDR Resources topics covered:
 Finding the best flights / cheap deals
Travel insurance
International money transfer
Planning your trip away
LDR Activities
LDR apps & efficiency

Long Distance Relationship Resources

› Long Distance apps

Days – The best ‘countdownn’ app

Rabbit – Watch movies in sync online + video talk together at the same time

Happy Couple – The fun quiz-style app brings you closer to your partner

Truth or Dare – Fun adult games for LDR couples

Get real – Thought provoking questions to go deeper in your relationship

QuizUp – Free award-winning multiplayer trivia games

Fix a fight – Help repair wounds in a struggling long-distance relationship

Asana – Organize, track and manage tasks

Whatsapp – Secure messaging and free calls around the world

Bitmoji – A fun way to make personal emoji’s, then send to your S.O

Facetime – Free video and voice call around the world

Cheap Flights: LDR resources that money

Traveling to see your girlfriend/boyfriend is certainly one of the biggest LDR expenses! Neither Adam or I are particularly rich but we made our long distance relationship work by thinking ahead, saving money and seeking out the best deals around. We are confident these LDR resources will help you as much as they helped us.

Momondo is our number one recommendation for finding cheap flights. I have personally spent many hours comparing flights online and 90% of the time this travel company becomes is the best value. At the time of writing, Momondo is the number one company for comparing airlines and that’s why they manage to provide some of the best deals around. We also enjoy the ease of use and the bar chat at the top of the page, which becomes an excellent feature to compare the travel days and prices. I’ve personally booked flights to Italy, France, England and Prague all though Momondo.

This has been another go-to website for me. Last year I managed to buy a flight from Washington, USA to London for only $349! It’s still hard to believe just how cheap the ticket was. The only catch being 3 flights instead of one. I’d take the extra flights every time to save hundreds of dollars, wouldn’t you? STA Travel is also packed with more useful LDR resources including hotels, insurance, rail travel and even a visa service.

Both Adam and I have booked through Expedia recently, we found this an excellent option for those occasions when we needed a flight plus a hotel stay. Although we lived long distance for over 2 years, we still managed to take holidays together. This meant booking more than just flights. Expedia can be a great option for combining all the components of your trip while providing good value for money. (Remember to do your research – Try all the options we recommend, as sometimes it’s cheaper to book separately) See the deals on Expedia here

 › Accommodation

If you’re on a budget Priceline is an amazing resource. We’ve personally used Priceline several times ourselves. It’s great for a last minute getaway hotel break, with no need to book your accommodation months in advance – Priceline offers ‘Express Deals’ which are essentially last-minute bookings at fantastic prices.

This company only launched a few years ago and quickly changed the travel industry. It’s possible to find amazing unique places to stay at great value for money. At the time of writing, we have stayed in 5 Airbnb’s and enjoyed every one. With the only downside being it can be nicer to stay in a hotel with more space, room service and all the hotel extras.

We really love Booking.com! Thinking back this has been our number one place when booking hotel deals. The website is very user-friendly, which makes comparing deals that much quicker. We have found some great bargains on Booking.com – The variety of hotels is brilliant!

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a tricky one to recommend. Many deals can be found through the companies listed above. Personally, I use AXA Travel Insurance to cover myself from any problems, they are a well know name and one I feel I can trust.

› Car hire

Classed as the global leader car & van rental, we can highly recommend Europcar. We used their service ourselves while staying in Canada and again while moving house in England. They have over 3,300 car hire locations, in 150 countries around the world!

Transferring money internationally


There may be times when you need to send money to your significant other. For example, if you are buying flights for your long distance trip and want to split the costs, or let’s say you’re working away from home and need to transfer funds into another account. Adam and I used Currencyfair several times while living long distance and found Currencyfair a big saving.

If this relates to you, we would highly recommend transferring money though Currencyfair

Never use a straight bank to bank transfer or Paypal

Here’s why:

• Banks charge you 4-6%+ on the exchange rate.
• Most banks have nasty hidden fees.
• A standard bank transfer could cost an extra $20-50
• It’s free to join Currencyfair
• Currencyfair transfer fees are set very low around €3 for each tranaction
• Currencyfair works with local banks in each country so you receive the best exchange rates without the extra fees on top.
• With a Currencyfair account, you can even set the best exchange rate you want to transfer at.
• The recipient will receive funds through Currencyfair much quicker than using standard banks.

We used Currencyfair ourselves while living long distance and saved around $40 each time. Then once we closed our relationship gap and relocated to Ireland, we again used Currencyfair to transfer money from our USA and English bank accounts into our new Irish accounts, saving even more money. See video and links below. – Kim & Adam

See the saving you can make yourself : Currencyfair exchange rate calculator

Planning your trip: LDR Resources


What did I do before Evernote, I love this LDR resource! – Evernote helps me to organise those little things in life. A fantastic tool for making lists and placing all your ideas and ‘things to do’ in one place, you can then sync the documents across all your different devices for when you’re on the move. Vola!!!

Packing List: Essential LDR Travel Items – Our very our in-depth article provides all the must-have items that we used for our own travels. Each item is linked to Amazon, so if you’re in a hurry there is still time to order and receive the products for your trip.

› Travel activities: LDR Resources

Groupon – When Adam travelled over to stay we me, we often looked for date ideas on Groupon. It’s a great way to find cheap last minute deals. One that sticks in my mind was our wine and cheese tasting night. See what you can find in your local area.

Meetup – This company list lots of cool events and activities to take part. Most are very cheap to attend. We took a last minute guided tour through Meetup.com and it cost was as cheap as a coffee!

Tripadvisor – I’m sure everyone has used Tripadvisor at some point. We enjoy looking at the top 10 things to do and then reading the user comments to find hidden gems of advice.

Airbnb experience – That’s right Airbnb are now providing ‘experiences’. We haven’t used this one ourselves yet, please let us know in the comments if you do book yourself?

For further ideas see our article – 120 Long Distance Date Ideas for more inspiration

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