Today we are excited to introduce Clare (25) and David (26). Clare is originally from Yorkshire, England and David is from Portland USA.

Hey thanks for joining us, how did you meet?

We met during the summer of 2015 while working at Walt Disney world in Florida. We both worked in Epcot, David on a college program and Clare on a Cultural Exchange Program.

Our whirlwind summer romance turned into way more after we both realized we’d fallen in love – Right before Clare had to leave to go back to England – and that is where our Long Distance journey began.

When did you close the distance ?

We were in an LDR for just over a year (4764 miles apart). We closed the distance November 2016. We are now married and live in Arizona, USA.

What first attracted you to each other?

David: Clare’s accent and sense of humour.

Clare: David’s eyes and also his sense of humour.

How often did you visit before moving in together?

We visited twice before closing the distance. David proposed when Clare visited him in Oregon – May 2016.

Now that you live together how do you like to spend your time?

Exploring & going on Adventures!

What were your favorite long distance activities?

We used to watch Disney movies together over a video call. We also worked on projects together and wrote each other letters.

Do you share a favorite movie?

Our favourite shared movie is Moana! However when we were in an LDR it was Inside Out (both disney of course)

Which resources helped your LDR?

We found my visa journey and Instagram valuable resources when we were apart. The instagram community helped put us in contact with people in our situation, who understood and who also helped when we were trying to close the distance.

Name a memorable experience you’ve been through as a couple?

Working at Disney World together was a dream come true!

Do you have a favourite relationship picture?

1: Our first photo together | 2: Our wedding day  | 3: our First Anniversary

LDR Closed the distance Story

What do you value most about your relationship?

How we work as a team and always solve our problems together. How we can make each other laugh on the crappiest of days & we always have fun together.

What are the best gifts you have sent or received?

Our hand written letters to eachother were our most treasured gifts

Do you have a favourite quote or motto?

“…and so the Adventure begins”

What advice would you give to other LDR couples?

Stay strong, communicate! Make time for each other and for ‘date nights’. Figure out your love language and appreciate the little things. Long Distance is hard, really hard – but so so worth it in the end.

Describe your perfect weekend together?

Hiking or out exploring somewhere! Travelling to a new place & trying new things together.

What are your long-term plans?

David is currently in Med school with the air force so we have that! We want to travel and are planning some exciting trips over the next couple of years! Also getting a puppy ?

What have you learned from living long distance?

We definitely appreciate each other way more, especially in the little everyday things like grocery shopping or just making dinner together. We communicate – we are open about our feelings, likes, dislikes. We talk out our problems and issues which makes for a happier healthier marriage.

Any romantic stories you would like to share?

David planned a scavenger hunt for my birthday while we were apart. He contacted places in England and had gifts hidden in places we had been together. He sent me clues so I had to figure out where they were! My family helped too. It was so amazing and thoughtful.

Clare made David a photo frame with an engraving of his handwriting, it was a little message he had written to her before they decided to stay together and try long distance. ‘WDW wouldn’t have been half as Magical without you’

Do you have nicknames for each other?

Clurr & Daveed

Are you still involded in the LDR community?

Yes, we run our instagram LongDisneyRelationship – We provide support and advice for couples in LDR’s and for anyone closing the distance with the K1 visa.

Where can our readers find you?

Instagram: longdisneyrelationship