Todays LDR story is from Jon and Idz – The couple met online in 2015. Twelve months on, their close friendship developed into a full relationship. Unfortunately, right now they are separated by 632 miles between the United States and Canada.

In this interview, we hear stories of how the couple are planning on closing the distance and insights into their shared love of basketball, food, and photography. (Check out their Instagram link for cool travel pics) O.k no more spoilers this is a good one…

Hey guys, how are you? Please introduce yourselves

Hi, we are Jon and Idz. Jon is from Madison, Wisconsin in the United States and Idz is from the Toronto area in Canada. We are both 29 years old. We first met on an app called Viber. We met through a common friend and she was our messenger. We both tried to make our common friend watch NBA (basketball) and we also argued a lot about basketball but we did it through her, she was our messenger.

One day our common friend decided she will just add us both in a group chat. Eventually, we felt bad about having her witness our arguments, so we just battled it out in another chat with just the two of us. We both didn’t want the other to win. Every day we had some sort of playful argument about something. We seemed to have started to talk to each other at least every day and not realize it. This became our normal and finally, one day Jon was like do you want to meet up in person? And although Idz was hesitant at first, she eventually agreed to it.

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Jon & Idz travel pictures – Instagram

So we finally met up in a bubble tea shop with a group of friends October of 2015. It was awkward at first since we had talked so much online but hadn’t met in person yet. Jon hardly talked in person and so Idz saw him in a different light. Meeting up in person sort of allowed them to be more comfortable with each other and it led to a series of other meetups as friends.

On October of 2016, Jon confessed his love to Idz. Although she made him wait until December, she eventually agreed to try the relationship out. We have been together 1.5 years now but it has felt longer due to the friendship and bond we have formed from the years before we made it official. Although we are doing long distance, we do try to travel together, so we can see each other.

What was the attraction that first brought you together?

Jon: Shared Interest over the NBA and our stubborn personalities lol

Idz: He didn’t hit on me and he always challenged me somehow and for some reason, I kind of enjoyed our little arguments and playful disagreements.

How often do you visit each other?

We try to visit each other at least 4 to 8 weeks. Fortunately, our jobs allow us to see other with some regularity.

Name a memorable experience you’ve been through as a couple?

Jon: One vacation we planned to go to was to the Antelope Canyon with my family. Unfortunately, due to work Idz had to fly out later and meet up at Antelope Canyon. Her route was Toronto to Salt Lake City and then to Las Vegas where we were to meet up. Along the way, Idz ran into bad weather and got stranded in the Grand Junction, Colorado, Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah for about 15 hours.

Due to the delay, Idz was going to miss the scheduled tour we had planned for the day after. She tried to get a rental car but there were none available that weekend (Easter), so I came to her rescue and drove three hours to get her.

Idz: He saved me, I have never gone to the West Coast before and I was so upset that I had a series of unfortunate events happen one by one. I was so happy to see Jon pull up in the car to pick me up in the middle of nowhere in Arizona. I was beyond happy and grateful.

Describe your perfect weekend together?

We like to go out and eat but sometimes we like to stay in and cook as well. We love to watch basketball together and are huge Toronto Raptors fans. We also like to watch shows together and eat food together.

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If we had a perfect weekend, it would be very simple. Our perfect weekend together would start with a basketball game tip-off on a Friday night in our living room. Then we’ll cook dinner together while the game is on and we’ll enjoy the meal and the Raptors victory (of course… since it is our “perfect weekend” lol). Afterwards, we’ll eat some ice cream and battle each other in our favourite board game called Blokus. Loser does the dishes. Of course, Jon loses to me and he hates it.

The next day, we wake up early to go for a run, hike or bike ride. Then we’ll go out for a lunch date to our favourite Filipino restaurant. We also love naps, so we’ll probably nap in the afternoon. In the evening, we’d most likely go hang out with our family or friends. We enjoy playing board games and barbecues. When we get home we will watch our favourite show until we fall asleep.

Sunday is asleep in the day and then we go to church and have brunch afterwards. The rest of the day is relaxing and prepping for the work week.

What is the most romantic thing you have done?

Jon: She bought me an Xbox for Christmas with NBA 2K17 (with the Toronto Raptor cover)

Idz: One time, I was very mad at Jon. He then flew 632 miles and surprised me the next day with flowers. They were my favourite kind of flowers as well– orchids! I was so shocked and confused.

Do you have any funny or interesting stories from your LDR?

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Jon & Idz travel pictures – Instagram

Idz: Our first trip to North America as a couple was to New Orleans and he lost his wallet on the plane. On our first international trip, he lost his passport. Luckily, we were able to retrieve them on both occasions. I can’t imagine what he will lose next time but if it happens again, I know I’ll lose my mind lol.

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Idz: We went to Detroit to watch an NBA game with our friends. We weren’t even dating yet. We were just getting to know each other. Driving back to Toronto past midnight I accidentally swapped our passports. As a dual-citizen luckily I had a spare, and she didn’t need to leave the country anytime soon. The good news have I had a good reason to meet up again 🙂

Which resources have improved your LDR?

• Skype for video calls.
• HQ Trivia – We try to use daily together.
• Viber Messenger – Daily conversations

What do you value most about each other?

Idz: What I value about Jon is that he is very patient with me. He always seems to find a solution and is very calm. He knows how to handle me and has all the qualities I look for in a partner. He is also very positive. Whenever I am down, he is always cheering me up. He always seems to find ways to make me feel better. He also works very hard and because he works hard, he makes me work hard too. He makes keeps me grounded and he helps me focus on my goals.

Jon: What I value about Idz is the amount of effort and thought she puts into things that matter to her. She is so creative and always has amazing plans not only when it’s a special occasion but even if we’re visiting each other for the first time after an extended absence. She makes me want to put my full effort into things – Mostly because I don’t want her winning these things all the time 🙂

Do you guys have any memorable gifts that you sent or received?

Idz: Flowers and Home Made Cards, Matching Shirts

Jon: Xbox, Necklace Ring, Surprise Birthday Cookie

Favourite quote or motto?

‘Don’t worry, it will all work out’

What advice would you give to other LDR couples?

A tip we strongly go by is that communication is key. It leads to other factors such as having good trust. Having a good communication system with each other makes the distance a whole lot better.

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We tell each other our feelings, dreams, fears, plans and just anything. We try not to hold onto things that bother us. We try to tell each other what we are doing to make it as normal as possible. We try to communicate or talk to each other as much as we can at night, during the day and any time that we are available.

What are your long-term plans?

Our next step is to figure out how to turn our LDR into just an R lol. A relationship without the long distance, where we are together in the same place. We’re discussing our career goals and trying to see if it makes more sense for Idz to come to Wisconsin or Jon to go to Toronto. Our next step is determining the answer to that question and coming up with an actionable timeline to make it happen.

Our dream is to finally be together under one roof and turn that house into a happy home to raise a great family.

Thank you for reading our love story,

Idz & Jon

Where can our reader find you?

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