Today we talk with Missy & Nico. An LDR couple from New York City and Texas. They currently live 1,879 miles apart – In this fun interview, they share many entertaining long distance stories including how they met and what they value most about their relationship. We learn the challenges they overcome, the apps they use and hear a very romantic story of watching a movie under the stars …OK no more spoilers, enjoy the article.

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Hi, I’m Missy (27) and my boyfriend is Nico (23). Nico and I are proud to say that we are a theme park couple! Now I know you are asking yourself what the heck that is! Well, our story is quite interesting in that we are not the usual LDR couple that met online or on a dating app. In fact, we met in person long before we started dating but before I lose you, let’s start from the beginning.

I was born and raised in Queens, NY. For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s just right outside of the city. In fact, I could see downtown Manhattan from my neighbourhood. Being from the city of dreams, I myself had a dream of being a theatrical performer.

My dream began when I was just three years old and I was fortunate enough to make an adult career out of it. Through this career, I’ve had the ability to travel to beautiful locations around the world and in the states!

Two summers ago while I was completing a performance contract I came across an audition notice for an entertainer position at a theme park called Six Flags Fiesta Texas for their Fright Fest season. While I’ve travelled throughout my career I never thought that I’d travel to Texas let alone have the opportunity to live down there for a few months! As I was eager to see what new friendships I would form, it had never crossed my mind that a potential relationship may be on the rise.

The Halloween contract began great. I was making friends and having a blast but there was one particular technician who worked there that had their eye on me long before I noticed him. I knew him from around the park but didn’t work together directly. He was tall, extremely handsome and fit! We would talk via Snapchat because we hadn’t exchanged numbers and only in group settings when we all went out at night.

I mostly brushed it off because I knew In a few short months I would be heading back to NY. I didn’t think much of it but when my mom came to visit one weekend to see the shows, I introduced them and she suddenly became so interested into why I didn’t talk to him more. She clearly was trying to set us up and was pushing for us to be together.

After my family’s visit, we began to date casually. He was so sweet and such a gentleman! Very different from any other guy I had met! I really was beginning to have feelings for him and he clearly had feelings for me! On our first date alone he had already asked me to be his girlfriend! I politely declined. It was our first date and once again I had this heavy burden on my heart knowing that it would all end and I’d be back home.

He would come to almost all of my shows, give me behind the scene tours, and would want to meet me in restricted areas all of which could have gotten him fired! One night, in particular, he asked me to meet him behind a haunted house he was managing. He explained how he wanted to take me out after work. I agreed and as I was about to head to my performance venue he asked me to be his girlfriend again.

Once again I had denied him and was walking away when he called out my name. “Hey, Missy! I’m not going to stop asking!” …..Wow, talk about a romance scene from a movie! I walked away with the biggest smile on my face, blushing enough that it showed through my stage makeup!


Left: ‘Our very first picture together! Me in costume and Nico in his technician uniform’ – Right: LDR Food couple blog.

After our shift that night as promised, he picked me up and we headed towards downtown San Antonio. Once there, we proceeded to sit on a park bench together directly across the street from the Alamo. I remember thinking how beautiful it was at night and also how very nervous I was. There we were sitting next to each other on this bench all alone on the clearest of nights. He grabbed my hands and explained how he loved where things were going with us and wanted for me to be his.

He wanted me to be his girlfriend so that he could proudly say “she’s mine.” My feelings for him were so real yet so was my fear. Fear of leaving TX, fear of the distance, fear of what the future could hold for not only us but me with this travelling career. I declined him but little did I know that the promise he had made to me earlier that night behind that haunted house, he had intended on keeping.

He asked me out again and I declined him. This time he asked why and I explained that he had never been in a long distance relationship before. I know they are extremely difficult and a lot of work. I explained that New York and Texas are in two different time zones and we would not be able to see each other often.

He took a moment looked into my eyes and said “I understand all of that but I don’t care. I want you to be my girlfriend. I promise we can make this work.” Once again I declined him.

This went on for about five more times until I finally responded with “fine I will be your girlfriend” to which he was not happy with at all! He explained that I was just saying yes just to shut him up. He was partially right but I also did want to give it a shot. I reluctantly agreed and winded up staying in San Antonio for another three months to perform in their winter season. In total, I denied him eight times but he sure was persistent and they do say persistence is key.

I moved back to New York in January of 2017 and we have been living long distance ever since then. He has been up here several times and I’ve been to TX just as much!

He’s visited me in different states where I’ve been performing and truly is my dream come true. At the end of it, I wouldn’t have changed a thing …well maybe I would have said yes the second time around!

What was the attraction that first brought you together?

Nico: It was just perfect timing. I wasn’t in a relationship at the time but before she had come down to TX, I was hurt by someone I was trying to talk to. I loved how down to earth she was and how she seemed to not be in a clique. She was her own person and seemed so fun and of course, she was beautiful!

Missy: He was just such a gentleman from the beginning! Always respectful and so charming. He knew and still knows how to make me feel like the only girl in the room with him. He was determined from the beginning and knew exactly what he wanted. His looks also don’t hurt either!

While living long distance, how often do you visit each other?

We try not to past the three-month line. It’s usually every two months although we’ve been very fortunate that our schedules have worked out and we’ve been able to see each other once a month for these past three months!

Your Instagram is @ldrfoodcouple – Do you share a passion for food?

We absolutely share a passion for food! I mean who doesn’t like to eat?! Being that we are both travelling to and from each other (with some weekend road trips together) we thought it would be a great opportunity to try new places! We are not afraid of trying new things and love experiencing it with each other!

As for cooking, I LOVE to cook but being that we travel so much, we rarely have the opportunity to be in the kitchen. I’m trying to teach Nico how to make more dishes but he’s pretty good so far. One day when we’ve closed the distance, I’ll have him be the cook of the house! – Missy

This sounds amazing!! Do you guys have a favourite restaurant?

Nico: That’s a hard one. We’ve been to so many great places! I’d probably say 5 Napkins burger place in NYC! It was so good! I had the avocado burger and it was gone pretty quickly!

Missy: Wow! That is a hard one! I’d have to say Perry’s Steakhouse in San Antonio! Anyone who has ever had that monster of a pork chop with their applesauce knows exactly what I’m talking about! Sooooo good!

What other activities do you enjoy when you meet up?

Honestly, we try to plan fun things for each other’s trips so that they are packed but we just love each other’s company. We look forward to the simple things like sneaking a kiss, holding hands or singing in the car while in traffic.

Do you use any long distance apps or games?

We actually love the Bitmoji app! We get a kick out of those and we do love playing games on our iPhone together via iMessage. He rules 8 balls but I always make a come back with beer pong!

Do you share a favourite movie?

It’s not a movie but we both love Grey’s Anatomy! I actually got him hooked on it. Being that Nico is in medical school currently, he does enjoy all the Dr. shows. We also are pretty obsessed Stranger Things at the moment and can’t wait for the next season to come out! The suspense is killing us! Justice for Barb!

How do you find flying to see each other, any stories?

Sometimes the weather doesn’t always cooperate (usually on the NY end with snow) but we always manage to get to each other on the original date planned.

Last year Nico surprised me with his first trip to NYC for Valentine’s Day! It was freezing and the night before we actually had a huge blizzard hit us. Ironically enough, the storms name was “Winter Storm Niko”! I had put on social media that “Niko” was making its way to NY and his brother almost blew it for me but luckily he didn’t!

My Nico almost had to stay in Baltimore for the night but luckily the storm cleared up and he made it on time to surprise me with the help of my family!

Are there any good resources help your LDR?

We honestly don’t use any resources. We take each day as it comes and make the best of it. Although we’d rather be together, we know that it’s only a matter of time before one of us is on our way to see the other! Positivity and each other are our only resources.

Can you name memorable experience you’ve been through as a couple?

Our favourite memory together is on that same trip, we went rob top of the Empire State Building. While we were at the very top of the observation deck overlooking Manhattan, it began to snow. Both of our faces lit up!


Nico got to see snowfall in person for the first time and I got to see how excited he was to see it for the first time! We kissed in the snow on top of the Empire State Building. It was like a scene from a movie and couldn’t have been timed out better if we wanted to plan it out! Definitely, something we will never forget!

What do you value most about your relationship and each other?

Nico: The trust! If there were no trust there would be no stable relationship. It’s the foundation needed to sustain a healthy relationship. That’s all you need to have a successful one.

Missy: I agree! We have such trust for one another which is needed in every relationship but more so in a long distance relationship. We also have such respect for one another and support each other’s goals always! He’s my number one fan and I know that he’ll always back me up no matter what obstacles I have to overcome on my own or together!

Lets talk LDR gifts – Have you recived any specail ones?

We surprised each other with promise rings on our one year anniversary! Although it didn’t come much as a surprise, the ring designs were! They are beautiful and the meaning behind them, our promise to love watching is even more so!

Do you have a favourite quote ….What does this mean to you?

“Everything happens for a reason”

We both firmly believe that whatever happens in our lives is because of a bigger meaning. We may not know it at the time but we will find out the reasoning eventually.

If I had never applied for that job in Texas, we would have never met. If his previous relationship had worked out we wouldn’t have been together but it was our time and it all fell into place for a reason. That reason being us.

Can you share your best advice to help other LDR couples?

Nico: Patience is key. You need to have patience in knowing you won’t see each other all the time and trust is a necessity!! You need to know that person is for you and vice versa. If you have no trust, you’re going to have a rough time.

Missy: I completely agree! Stemming off of that, I will also say to remain communicative. In a normal relationship, you can look at your significant other and tell what is wrong just by their actions or face. In a long distance relationship, you don’t have that luxury so you need to be able to talk everything out. The good, the bad, the sad, the ugly! In the end, you will feel better and it will only bring you closer!

Describe your perfect weekend together?

Although we plan our visits in advanced, the perfect weekend would honestly be just to be with one another. We don’t need fancy trips and festivals filled with food! All that is fun but in the end, just being with your best friend is all you need!

What are your future plans? Do you have a date in mind to close the distance?

Nico: Well, I am currently enrolled in medical school studying to be a surgical technologist. I have four semesters left and hopefully Missy will be joining me just before graduation!

Missy: I actually plan on going back to school! I want to study to become an occupational therapist assistant and here is a great school in San Antonio! Hopefully, by next fall we will be closing the distance! Just in time for our two year anniversary!

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One year anniversary picture

What have you learned from living long distance?

I’ve learned to be more patient and have opened up my heart to trust! It’s not easy knowing your other half is miles away but with the right person, it gets easier with time!

What is the most romantic thing you have done, or your S.O has done for you?

Well, Nico is pretty romantic! He has sent me flowers on my birthdays when I’m sick and just because! From the beginning, he has wooed me!

I think the most romantic thing we’ve done together though was going to a drive-in theatre. It was his idea to go see a movie in his red pickup truck but we took it a step further and brought all my pillows and blankets off my bed so we can lay in the back and watch the movie under the stars huddled together. We actually both saw a shooting star together that night!

What long-distance challenges have you overcome?

One performance contract I had was in West Virginia. I had no cell service while I was out there and change my phone carrier. To make things worse, the new phone carrier would not activate my phone because of something with the old phone carrier. Now the little service that I did have was non-existent.

There were days on end where we just didn’t talk. We had some arguments because of lack of communication and it made things very difficult for us! It was a rough time but we fought through it and in the end, we came out together and feeling stronger.

Do you have nicknames for each other?

Nico and Missy are our nicknames from our family! Are names are actually Nicholas and Melissa but we prefer our shortened names. We even introduce ourselves as them!

Aside from the normal babe and baby, I like to call him babycakes and he likes to call me ‘crazy girl’ because I like to be silly! Sometimes at night, I get the occasional “princess”. I like that one!

How did your friends and family react to your LDR?

My family LOVED him right away! Being that half of them had met him already before we started dating it was an easy transition. My dad met him via FaceTime on Christmas Morning! They have been nothing but supportive and love when he comes to town!

His family is amazing! They came to see me perform numerous times while I was working down there and are so absolutely sweet and loving! I am extremely family oriented so I love their company and their support and that my parents support for us. That’s very important to us! Both sides already treat us like family and have been there for us every step of the way!

Do you have any daily routines?

No matter how busy our days may get we always text good morning and FaceTime before bed. We’ll start with a Bitmoji morning text and a countdown of days until we see each other again! We text throughout the day and sneak in calls when we are coming home from work or school.

If our shows are on at night, we will watch them and text about it while we are watching, then FaceTime for about a half hour while we are in bed just to really talk about our day and plans for the next day.

We love to talk and we tell each other everything! I truly believe communication is the key to any happy and healthy relationship!

Where can our readers find you?

Our Instagram account has been pretty successful and we’ve received some great feedback! We’ve made friends and love hearing from new people who see our page. Who knows, maybe this will lead to an actual blog!

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