Today we are really excited to talk with Britt (25) and Will (27).

Please introduce yourselves and share your LDR story

We met almost two years ago, I extended my radius on Tinder to 50 miles. The next day, a photo of a bearded stud in a blue shirt popped up on my phone and my jaw dropped. My tummy flipped upside down when I saw this face and I screamed out loud to my mom, “OMG MOM I JUST FOUND MY HUSBAND ON TINDER.” She obviously thought I was either kidding or crazy because I kept talking about him calling him my hubs and she told me, again and again, to give up after I swiped right and we didn’t match right away. But I was convinced that God had whispered in my ear that this man was going to be really important to me.

My soul was being pulled like a magnet like nothing I’ve ever felt and I didn’t even know the guy. A week later I got a “It’s a Match!” notification and a message from the stud in the blue shirt I kept referring to as “my future husband.” My mom rolled her eyes and shook her head as I blabbed on about finding the one on an online dating site. After a few weeks of flirty messages, he asked me out to dinner and drove an hour and a half to take me out on our first date.

My mom was there to greet him obviously because she wanted to meet “my husband” for herself. It was the best date of my life and every day after that I have fallen more and more in love after learning that his heart is actually even more perfect than his face. He was actually training for the toughest school in the U.S. military – Army Ranger School.

After just two dates, he shaved his head and left for Fort Benning Georgia. Our connection was immediate, but we were both anxious about the looming long distance and communication barrier that we would face so soon after meeting. We couldn’t imagine going 3 months without hearing from each other, so we did things old school. We exchanged addresses and made a promise to keep in touch through handwritten letters. Starting off our relationship this way really set the tone for our commitment to making the best of any situation and emphasized how important communication would be to both of us.

The letters forced us to really think about what we wanted to share and what we wanted to hear from the other person. I’m so thankful for that escape from technology that we were blessed with. In the age of social media, I truly believe the letters helped us avoid distractions from the outside world and truly focus on each other.

We have been inseparable ever since and are now starting a new adventure as William moves to Italy with the U.S. army. After our wedding, I’ll join him overseas but until then we are conquering long distance one FaceTime at a time!!

Fantastic introduction! How long have you now been separted by distance? here are you curretly living?

One month as of today. Britt – Maryland, Will – Italy. 4,300 miles apart!
We spent the past two years inseparable but will now not see each other again until the wedding.

What first attracted you to each other?

Our connection was immediate and we had effortless conversation from the beginning. As we got to know each other better, we discovered that we are both hopeless romantics who have been through a lot in our previous relationships. Despite a rocky past, we were both so hopeful and open hearted to allow each other in. We both have big dreams and are motivated to be better versions of ourselves and our relationship inspires us to chase those dreams.

What are your favourite long distance activities?

Sending gifts, wedding planning and posting on our joint account @unitedwestanley

Do you share a favorite movie/documentary and reason why?

Our favorite romantic movie has to be Titanic. The bold, passionate love that grew quickly and Jack & Rose’s commitment to each other amidst tragedy inspires both of us so much. We also love mysterious movies/documentaries that make you question power dynamics.

What are your favourite LDR resources?

Instagram support, wedding planning, Facetiming

Name a memorable experience you’ve been through as a couple?

One of my favorite memories was waking up super early in the dark to drive to my neighborhood beach to watch the sunrise from the bed of Williams pickup truck. We have done it a few times and it is so peaceful to have quiet quality time to listen to the natural sounds of the beach.

William’s is our drive home after our first snowboarding trip with some friends. We fell so in love that trip and became connected on a whole new level. On our drive home we both cried because our love felt so powerful it almost felt like we were having an out of body experience.

Out of all the grand things we have done together, these simple moments mean the most to us.

Do you have a favourite relationship picture?

LDR Military Wedding

Our engagement session from Colorado.

These photos take us back to hiking through the Rocky Mountains celebrating being newly engaged and starting our biggest adventure. This photo in particular means a lot to us because it represents our love for nature, William’s military career and is the face of our new travel couple Instagram @unitedwestanley

What do you value most about your partner?

I love William’s gentle heart and his constant drive to grow closer to God and provide for me and our future family both emotionally and financially. He is the strongest man I know yet the most kind, caring and supportive partner I could ever hope for.

What are the best gifts you have sent or received?

We love sentimental, heartfelt and handmade gifts! We are always trying to outdo ourselves and come up with somethings that will bring the other to tears. Photos and crafty DIY gifts are always in the mix.

Do you have a favourite quote or motto?

“To Italy and Back”

What advice would you give to other LDR couples?

Hang on to the feeling of being together and reminisce often about your memories and monumental moments.

Describe your perfect weekend together?

We love grand adventures but our most favorite time is being wrapped up in each others arms.

What are your long-term plans?

We are getting married August 11! After that, I will be joining William in Italy for 2 years!

What are you learning, now that you live long distance?

It is teaching us patience and sacrifice in order to get to our forever together.

What is the most romantic thing you have experienced?

The romantic thing William has done for me is organizing the most perfect proposal I could ever dream up. Just when I thought he couldn’t outdo himself, he secretly invited my family and 30 of my closest friends from my childhood, competitive cheerleading days, college years and beyond to hide 10 feet away from us behind my back as he asked me the most important question of our lives.

I wish someone had a video of these goofballs sneaking across the street dodging my eyesight and snow slush while trying to be quiet. William orchestrated the best surprise and these incredible people gave this spot in my hometown an even more special place in my heart.

What hardships have you overcome?

The 8 month distance this year is the hardest challenge we’ve had so far, but growing up together these past few years have presented us with many external hardships that we have conquered together.

Do you have nicknames for each other?

Liam and Birdie. Short for William and my mom and William’s daughter call me Birdie 🙂

How did your friends and family react to your LDR?

They are very supportive and positive reminding us of how it will be worth it when we are reunited.

How do you keep your long distance relationship alive and healthy?

We message as much as we can, send photos, reminisce, Facetime and send gifts to each other!

What are your favourite ways to communicate?

Facetime, Facebook message and instagram make us feel connected and present from 4,300 miles away!

Where can our readers find you?

Instagram: @unitedwestanley