A good friend of mine recently asked for advice on buying a new lightweight suitcase. She knows Adam and I have travelled many times while living long distance and how we became more resourceful with our packing and planning for these trips. She remembered the story I told her about upgrading our travel items and how the small changes we made improved our own LDR by removing the added stresses. For instance, we both made the wise decision to upgrade our suitcases and sought out other LDR accessories that would make our lives that much easier.

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Long distance packing tips for your visit

1: Plan early – Find the best flight deals & travel insurance

– Visit the LDR Resources page for money saving tips and advice.

2: Make a checklist of the items to take and the ones you need to buy. Cut the stress out – Order anything you need a long time in advance.

3: Take a good look at your suitcase or travel bag. If it’s more the 5 years old it may be time for an upgrade? Check all the zips and wheels are working well. The new lightweight bags we recommend here are worth the investment and will save on weight.

4: Plan the clothes for our trip early. Don’t go on spending spree, your S/O will be so excited to see you and won’t expect a fashion show! Take just enough clothes, while avoiding over-packing.

5: Lay clothes flat then roll around each other. This cuts down on creases and having to iron – Pack into our recommended storage cubes or vacuum storage bags below.

6: Check the airline’s baggage allowance. Do a ‘dry run’ before you travel – Weigh your bags in advance.

7: Other things pack: Remember to pack an empty bag for our used clothes, charging cords, plug adaptor, medication, water bottle, pen, passport, a gift for your S/O and travel documents.

8: Take a smaller bag for day trips – We enjoy the bag featured below.

9: Still having trouble with weight or space? Wear the heaviest or largest items, then remove these once on board the plane.


LDR Travel Items


Antler Aire DLX 30″

Adams top pick: I discovered the Anter brand by pure accident and never looked back. This is Anter’s most popular bag and awarding winning case. Lightweight and yet very durable it’s clear to see why this case has rave reviews across the internet. I personally love the design, strong fabric, inner pockets and the all important TSA lock. Mine has travelled across the atlantic ocean 4 times while in our LDR! This case is a great long-term investment.

Amazon Link: Antler Aire DLX 30

it luggage Megalite 3pc Spinner Set with Expander

Kim’s top pick: I bought this luggage in January and it has traveled with me to 5 different countries, with no sign of stopping. I use the smaller one for weekend trips, which easily fits 2-4 days worth of things. The larger case is perfect for international travel, coupled with space bags for clothes, you can fit enough items for 2 months. I chose the fiery red as pictured because it is unmistakable when it comes around the carousel or when you are searching for your overhead baggage after a flight.

Amazon Link: it luggage Megalite 3pc Spinner Set

  • Extra lightweight
  • Four wheels, easy to manoeuvre through airport
  • 3-piece nesting luggage set- perfect for storage between trips
  • Front zip pocket for easy access to travel documents

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 4 wheel

Best budget suitcase: for those on a tighter budget the 20 Inch Kenneth Cole Reaction bag is one to be considered. The case has nearly 1000 positive reviews on Amazon.com.

Amazon Link: Kenneth Cole Reaction suitcase

Travel Vacuum Storage Bags

One of those LDR travel items that I could live without now. Buying these changed my life. The on-the-go hand pump is extra handy for vacuum-sealing on the move. This purchase was worth every dollar!

Amazon link: Vacuum storage bags

  • Once you own these, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them
  • Useful to save space for travel and at home use between flights
  • Quick and easy to use

Packing Cubes

Have you ever spent too much time looking through your suitcase for lost item? I know I have! Once I starting using these packing cubes it completely solved this frustration.

Packing cubes are the best travel organizing solution. When you’re away visiting your loved one or on holiday, the last thing you want to do is waste valuable time. The packing cubes are also very handy if you want to move one group of clothes into a hotel room drawer or cupboard to save more time.

Available in 8 colors on Amazon: Packing Cubes

Luggage Scales

Save the time and stress with a personal luggage scale. You’ll no longer have to second guess if you are within weight. Adam saved us time and money when he purchased the Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale, with airports becoming stricter, costs soon add up if you are even half a kilo over. Having the knowledge that our luggage was just underweight took the pressure off when we checked in at the gate.

Amazon Link: Luggage Scales

Luggage Tags

A must have to identify your luggage. They also make the perfect cheap gift to send your partner. Here are a few of our favourite luggage tags on Amazon.

Travel Neck Pillows

Another must have item for any long distance traveller. Treat yourself or your love with one of these and they will always thank you. I use the BCOZZY and Adam travels with the Purefly Soft Velvet Inflatable.

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Amazon Link: BCOZZY travel pillow

  • Twist or fold into any position to support your head
  • The only travel pillow that naturally stops the head from falling forward
  • Over 8 colors to choose from

Purefly Soft Velvet Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

Amazon Link: Purefly soft neck pillow

  • Unique design, inflates with a pump button
  • Saves space while travelling
  • Soft washable cover

Travel Camera

Let’s set the scene. You’re excited and ready for your next big trip to see your love. Once you arrive, one of the most important things will be to capture valuable moments forever. Camera phones are fantastic, they serve the purpose of a quick snap well (as long as your phone battery is good).

Last year invested in creative ‘point-and-shoot’ compact camera and have been enjoying every minute using this. By using an actual camera and not a phone, I tend to think more about the composition and light. I often take a trip out just to take pictures with Adam. It’s a really fun activity that couples can do together. The camera I went for was a Canon G7X.

Amazon Link:  Canon G7X

Adam has worked in photography professional for a number of years, he has tried and tested many cameras. When he visited America he brought along his travel camera kit with interchangeable lenses.

At the time of writing this was a Fuji XT20 with the 18-55mm kit lens. He reckons this is the best all round fun camera for travel. He tells me it’s well documented that the Fuji kit lens is one of the best lenses that any manufacturer has ever produced, and Fuji is great at producing beautiful colour tones.

Amazon link: Fuji X-T20 with 18-55mm Kit lens

Fuji XT1 18-55 kit lens - Morroco

Example picture from Adam’s Fuji X-T20 with 18-55mm kit lens. Taken on holiday in Morroco

Canon PowerShot ELPH 19

If you’re looking for a cheaper, slimmer camera that still has more resolution and power that a camera phone, I would highly recommend the Canon PowerShot ELPH 190. Neither Adam or I have used this camera, but the reviews and price are fantastic.

Foldable water bottle

Just another water bottle? Or is it? Although I don’t currently own this water bottle, I’m sure to buy it before my next trip away. That saves space is a winner for me. See the item here on Amazon.

My current regular water bottle: Insulated Polar Bottle

Power bank for recharging devices:

The Anker power bank charger is tiny! – It’s very portable, I enjoy this most. There are much more powerful chargers on the market, but this one is perfect to get me out of a tight spot while on the go.

  • Available in 5 colors
  • Makes a great gift

International Travel Power Adapter + Dual USB Charger:

It’s hard to be excited over a travel adapter, but this one is worth every cent!

Available in four colors on Amazon: Travel Power Adapter

Multi-purpose Travel Passport Wallets

The best solution for keeping valuable travel items in one place. The material on mine feels very high quality and long lasting. It enables you to carry everything you need, including, passport, pen, room key, money, cards, plane tickets. Spacious without being too big and bulky.

Choose from over 20 colors: Multi-purpose Travel Passport Wallet

Mens Real Leather wallet

As a gift last year I bought Adam this Genuine leather passport holder/wallet. It arrives in a neat box, handy for wrapping. The real cowhide leather looks even better than the picture, I’m sure this will last many years. Great price too!

Other LDR Travel items for your visit:

Sleep Mask With Moldex Ear Plugs: Designed to mould around your face, this is a big step up from the free eye masks that airlines provide on international flights. Handy for home use also. Arrives with the added bonus of earplugs. Bedtime Bliss Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask with Moldex Ear Plugs

Hand Sanitizer: Another essential that lives in my bag. The last thing you want is a sickness bug on your trip. I normally buy a pack of 6 to save money and time. Purell Hand Sanitizer, Pack of 6

Pill/Medication Case: Both Adam I use this cleverly designed pill case. The Folca Compact design has 8 compartments with a flip lid and tight catch. Holds everything you need for travelling. Such as – Ibuprofen, multi vitamins and any prescribed meds.

Refillable Anti-leakage Travel Bottle Set: It’s never much fun working out which liquids to bring along. Then comes the pain when you arrive and find one of the containers has leaked. This had previously happened to me many times. When I finally bit the bullet and purchased a set of Silicone travel bottles. No more spills, no more worries!

Men’s Weekender Travel Bag: Adam was keen to include this one, he reckons it’s a quality bag for the price. With a mixture of canvas and leather, the duffle bag really looks smart at an affordable price. Check out the pictures and reviews for yourself.

SEEU Sling Bag Backpack:Perfect for day trips when you just want a few items and a water bottle. This one is made from tear resistant polyester, with the bonus of being water repellent. We found it just the right size.

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We hope you enjoyed our essential LDR travel items? Please comment below if you require any more advice or have any suggestions of your own?

Kim & Adam