Being reunited after months apart is very exciting! No doubt you will be keen to enjoy all of the long distance date ideas that you talked about while apart.

We encourage all Long distance couples to spend their physical time together wisely, enjoy life, build bonding memories that you can talk about in years to come. Take lots of fun pictures along the way and add them to your relationship scrapbook.

– Scroll down beyond the list to read our personal favourite long distance date ideas and the reason why we recommend these.

Creative long distance date ideas for when you are reunited

1. Wake up early – Watch a sunrise
2. Go on a romantic picnic
3. Watch a local band
4. Go explore a museum
5. Make homemade pizzas
6. Hire some bikes and go explore
7. Look through family photo albums
8. Watch a stand up comedy show
9. Visit family for lunch
10. Find a good coffee shop and people watch
11. Play the celebrity look a like game. (strangers that look like celebrities)
12. Visit a day spa
13. Go to a quiz night
14. Try a new cuisine for dinner
15. Attend a yoga class together
16. Selfie date. How many fun selfies can you take in a day?
17. Try water sports – Canoeing, SUP, Kayaking
18. Admire nature, walk in the park
19. Feed the ducks
20. Go on a camping trip
21. Play puzzles together
22. Watch two classic films back to back
23. Go bowling
24. Practice sensual massage on each other
25. Visit the local history/landmarks
26. Write a song together
27. Draw each other
28. Visit an amusement park
29. Explore a flea market
30. Go see a photography exhibition
31. Go to a karaoke night
32. Visit a famous garden
33. Take road trip
34. Go wine tasting
35. Take an exercise class together
36. Find an old fashion photobooth
37. Plan a romantic candlelit dinner
38. Beach date
39. Try gardening together/plant pot plants
40. Start a blog together
41. Take creative portraits of each other
42. Visit a zoo
43. Watch a live sporting event
44. Help out at a charity center/event
45. Show your partner all the places you mention in your messages
46. Shoot some pool, drink a beer
47. Take cooking lessons together
48. Visit a pet rescue center
49. Try acting class together
50. Recreate your first date
51. Take a weekend break away
52. Visit your old school/uni/house
53. Turn your work lunch into a fun date
54. Visit a local brewery or famous pub
55. Play board games
56. Find local events on
57. Learn a new language – Phone app or class
58. Go record shopping
59. Try a pottery-making class
60. Start a YouTube channel together
61. Introduce your friends, go to a group event
62. Make a bucket list of things to do together
63. Explore a book store
64. Visit a late night ice cream shop
65. Go to a festival
66. Take dance lessons together
67. Go ice skating
68. Take a boat trip along a river
69. Try a whiskey tasting tour
70. Make personalised gifts for each other
71. Go clothes shopping – Dress up
72. Read the same book
73. Go to an arcade center / game park
74. Visit a fortune teller
75. Make the best breakfast in bed
76. Try horse riding
77. Visit the opera / theatre
78. Make a list of the countries you would like to visit
79. Start a scrapbook of memories
80. Is it windy? – Fly a kite
81. Make out in the backseat of your car
82. Take guided history tour
83. Go to an antique fair
84. Visit a zoo
85. Find the best rooftop bar
86. Look around an aquarium
87. Explore a farmers market
88. Try out each other favorite activities
89. Visit a carnival
90. Look around a furniture / home store
91. Play the game Twister
92. Take a romantic train ride
93. Play some mini golf
94. Make homemade ice cream
95. See an outdoor movie /Film festival
96. Build a bonfire
97. Watch a foreign film with subtitles
98. Volunteer to walk dog
99. Go on a double date with friends
100. Start a new tradition
101. Visit a pumpkin patch
102. Go to a street carnival
103. Have a BBQ, invite friends and family
104. Try rock climbing
105. Stare up at the nights stars and dream up new ideas
106. Take an art class
107. Go berry picking
108. Paint/draw together
109. Find date ideas on ‘Groupon’
110. Go skinny dipping
111. Throw themed party
112. Play drinking games
113. Take a hot air balloon trip
114. Dance in the rain
115. Go to a trampoline park
116. Play truth or dare
117. Take a music lesson together
118. Check out jazz club
119. See the Christmas lights
120. Kiss every time you see a…(red car)

Start a scrapbook of memories

Every long distance relationship couple should build a library of pictures from their dates, trips and screenshots from Skype calls. Start a scrapbook leaving gaps for your future adventures and places to see. We like to save all sorts of things, everything from museum tickets, receipts, stickers and postcards.

Visit family for lunch

Take every opportunity to introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend to your family. Since you are currently living long distance you never know when the next chance may be.

Find date ideas on Groupon

There are hundreds of fun LDR date activities on Groupon. How about finding a bargain date idea and give something new a try? Groupon is perfect for finding interesting ideas at a low price.

Visit a day spa

If your long distance girlfriend/boyfriend is flying over to see you, the spa date makes the perfect activity together. Adam found a great spa deal last year through the Groupon app. Once I arrived in England we spent the first night and following morning in a relaxing spa taking it easy. I couldn’t have been more grateful and he enjoyed the rest break too.

Show your significant other all the local landmarks you mentioned in messages

Take your loved one on a tour of your city/town/village. They will be keen to see your favourite spots that you previously mentioned. Plan a good route before they arrive, pack in some other fun activities along the way.

Visit your old school/university or house you grow up in

You loved one will most definitely enjoy seeing the places that mean something to you. When Adam visited America we took the time to walk around my university, enjoying in the grounds and laughing at the yearbook pictures on the walls. Jokes aside it’s important to absorb as much of your girlfriend/boyfriend’s past as you can.

Look through family photo albums

A tried and tested LDR activity. Yes looking back at old pictures of your girlfriend/boyfriend will guarantee a plenty of fun laughs and many stories will follow.

Turn your work lunch into a fun date

When Adam visited America for the second time I had no annual leave available from work. The way around this was to make the most of our evening dates and turn lunch breaks into mini-dates. See what you can do close by work, maybe sushi bar for speed or see if your partner can bring lunch into your workplace.

Find local events on

Find events based around your area on then turn these into a fun date.

Make a bucket list of things to do together

A great long distance activity is to make a bucket list of all the long-term things you want to do together or the places you would like to visit. What is on your bucket list? Leave a comment below.

Visit a late night ice cream shop

Traveling to see your girlfriend/boyfriend can be expensive. Cook at home to save money then turn a trip to a late night ice cream shop into a mini date.

Find the best lookout points

With every new town we visit, we set ourselves the challenge to find the best views from that destination. It’s become our tradition of sorts! This could be a rooftop bar in the city or the tallest hill in the countryside.

Walk around a furniture/home store

The famous ‘Ikea’ store has been known to turn some couples to tears! But if you are at the stage of planning your future together, we find a quick walk around a smaller furniture shop is a good way to get inspiration for your future home. (This will depend on what stage your relationship is in). We tried this a few times and survived to tell the tale!

Go on a double date with friends

It goes without saying that you should get to know your significant other’s friend group. If It’s the first time meeting up, we advise double dates with an activity like bowling or ice skating. This avoids any awkward silences, as you’ll be too busy having fun.

Kiss every time you see a…..

If you are the playful type this is a fun game you can play together. simply set a rule that every time you see a ‘……..’ you have to kiss passionately. Make it object or something that you’re likely to spot every now and then.