Are you confused by the long distance relationship terms and abbreviations? At times it can be frustrating while searching through relationship blogs or forums pages, then seeing certain ‘buzzwords’ and ‘web-speak’ that you have never heard of before. We have all been there in the beginning! To make things earier on us all, I listed the most common long distance relationship lingo! Phew…that’s a tongue twister in itself! Please use the comment section to add any LDR abbreviations that I missed.

Long Distance Relationship Definition

noun –

A romantic relationship between two people who live far apart and so are unable to meet on a frequent basis.

‘staying in touch is the key to surviving a long-distance relationship’
– Oxford dictionary
Long Distance Relationship Acronyms
LDR - Long Distance Relationship
ILD - International Long Distance
LAT - Living Apart Together
LDL - Long Distance Love
S.O - Significant Other
CDTD - Counting Down The Days
MLD - Military Long Distance
CLD - College Long distance
TL - True Love
A&F - Always and Forever
AML - All My Love
TTWP - The Time Will Pass
LDLTLF - Long Distance Love That Lasts Forever
MFEO - Made For Each Other
DMUS - Distance Makes Us Stronger
ODWBT - One Day We'll Be Together
CLTCL - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
IIL - I'm In Love
DIFTB - Distance Is For The Bold
SBDSIL - Separated By Distance, Strong In love
TSHAD - Two Strong Hearts At Distance
YAMFN - You Are My Favourite Notification
AOMM - Always On My Mind
ILY - I love You
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