Today we are delighted to talk with a young long-distance relationship couple from Belgium and Germany. In this interview, we discover their helpful support towards the LDR community and news on their generous prize giveaways (the next one will be happening again soon).  They plan to close the distance themselves next year, with a solid plan to make this work. Read the details here on all this and much more in the interview below. Thanks for taking part guys!

Hey, thanks for joining us today, please introduce yourselves?

My name is ‘Donado’ and my girlfriend is ‘Virginia’. We are both 20 years old. I live in Haaltert (Belgium), this is a small village near Aalst.

Aalst lays between Brussels and Gent. My girlfriend lives in Dortmund (Germany) We live 200 miles from each other.

The first time I met Virginia I was on holiday in Spain. I went to a local disco with my brother. Outside of the party, there were places to sit, relax and chill for a while. My brother walked over and started up a conversation with 2 girls  (my girlfriend and her best friend at that time). I saw they were having fun, so I joined in the conversation to get to know them.


Left: At my neighbours’ wedding – Right: A picture from haloween 2018, the resturant where I work.

Later that night we had a drink and danced. We had so much fun that night, we decided to meet up every night at the disco until our holiday was over. Before leaving for home, we exchanged numbers and a few months later they came to visit us in Belgium. We had never planned it this way, but we liked each other so much and told each other every day how we felt about each other.

You could say, we fell in love with each other and I our love has grown even stronger with every day that passes. Each day I fall more and more in love with her!

I understand you have been in an LDR for nearly three years?

In the begin, it was difficult to see each other because it was all new to us and it is something that needed time to see how serious our relationship would become.

We have known each other since July 2015 (almost 3 years) and have been in a relationship for 2 years and 9 months. In my opinion, a relationship needs to have structure – We visit each other 6 days every month. I work 1 weekend and the next we reunite.

What was the attraction that first brought you together?

For me it was very strange, normally blond girls are not my type but Virginia was different. At the start, she was shy and very cold towards me like she didn’t notice me. Normally I would find it easy to chat with girls, but Virginia was a whole new challenge to get to know her and ultimately for her to like me in the same way I admired her!

Mallorca – Our first real trip away together!

Do you share any cool interests or passions?

We like the same kind of movies: action movies, Marvel movies. But for the rest, we are opposites, she listens pop while I listen to hip-hop and R&B. We both love to travel and visit places, our perfect weekend away would be a city trip, exploring new countries and discovering beautiful places!

Please name a memorable experience you’ve been through as a couple?

Returning to the place where we first meet each other in Spain! It was so crazy to visit the place where we had met and it brought back many exciting memories! Visiting this place together was so beautiful to experience again!

long distance-Stories Belgium-Germany

A picture in Spain, returning to the place where we first met ♥

What is the most romantic thing you have done, or your S.O has done for you?

I can’t really tell you what was the most romantic thing because both of us are romantic in our own way!

On one occasion, I decorated my room and bedroom with candles and rose petals, this was very romantic. When she bought me 2 tickets for the “Oh My festival” in Amsterdam and booked a hotel for both of us, this was also a very special moment for me! The trip is about to happen very soon on the 29 & 30th June!

Unfortunately this year on Valentine’s day, we couldn’t visit each other so we both gave each other presents to open on the day. I was able to plan a trip a few days before on the 11th, 12th and 13th and presented Virginia with a big bunch of red roses!

Do you share a favourite movie or T.V show?

Prison break & Breaking Bad.

Which resources have helped your LDR?

We chat on Whatsapp and try to call each other for 2 hours every day between 19:00-21:00. Sometimes we use facetime too.

To visit each other we use ‘Flixbus’. This is the cheapest way to travel to each other. When we take the bus we’re on it for 5 hours! 1 trip will cost €35 so it costs us €70 a month.long distance realationship couple on holiday in paris

What do you value most about your relationship?

There was a long time period when I wasn’t allowed to visit her anymore at her place, her parents were scared that I was not the right one for her, but even though they didn’t really accept me, she still visited me in my hometown. This showed me she really loves me and the strength of our relationship! We fight for each other and trust each other!

Let’s talk LDR gifts – Have you received or sent any special ones?

We both gave gifts to each other that we really like. She bought me perfume, a belt, a cool wallet and gave me some creative gifts also. The weekend away with festival tickets was a unique one!

I have also given her many gifts including, a watch, a jacket, shoes, clothes, some necklaces and stylish bracelets.

During our trip to Paris, we reached 500 followers on Instagram. To celebrate the amazing LDR support we decided to host our own giveaway prize. Other LDR couples entered the competition, explaining why the prize was meaningful to them. The winner was a girl who met her own LDR love in Paris. See the pictures below.

BIG NEWS: Once our Instagram reaches 750 followers we plan to hold another prize giveaway with an even better gift. Please check out our page and keep in touch for more news on this.

long-distance-Stories Belgium-Germany-interiew

Do you have a favourite quote or motto?

There are so many beautiful quotes, we try to post one every week on our Instagram page!

What tips would you give to other Long-distance couples?

Trust each other, be honest, give each other the attention you both need, love each other, respect each other and be kind! Don’t over stress about the small things, because time is to short to argue! And the golden tip is TALK openly with each other! You should be able to talk about everything with your love!

LOng distance love icecream

Finally we found the ‘Bueno Ice’ in Paris!

What are your long-term plans?

After this month I’m done with school. We then have a few trips planned and also a few jobs lined up for the summer months. At the end of August, I will search for a fulltime job that I could do for a minimum of a year. My goal is to make €10.000 + this year. This is a realistic goal if I want to have this total – I could still spend around €400 a month. After 1 year of work, I plan to move to Virginia’s country and search for jobs in her town. The 10K saved will be a fair amount of money to start a life together in Germany.

What have you learned from living long distance?

First of all, I had learned that it is possible if you really want it! I also taught myself to speak my GF language, I just can’t write it yet! I had learned to trust more cuz this was really an issue for me. This process means a lot to me and I had grown up a lot during this time!

Do you have nicknames for each other?

We just call each other Schat what means “honey”. But we give each other more names, I like to call her “princess” but sometimes I call her “mein kleines schweinchen” what means “ my little pig” this we mean funny and it’s just when we are doing crazy together!

How did your friends and family react to your LDR?

My family was shocked because I wasn’t really serious with girls in the past. My friends and family thought it wouldn’t be very long before we broke up. Her friends and family thought the same way. It was never nice to hear this kind of stuff but we stayed strong and believed in each other – We are happy to prove them all wrong! We both will be very happy if we live together and could say we made it this far!

What are your favourite ways to communicate and why do you enjoy them?

Whatsapp & Facetime. – It’s free & we can send and call each other on these LDR apps! Also, the added bonus is we can see what time we were last online and if we already had read the messages, it is easy to use! Video chat is also a very important way for us to communicate.

long distance love

Any final messages for the LDR community?

We like to support everyone who is in an LDR! Keep fighting and soon you guys will close the distance if it is meant to be. Believe in it and talk about everything. If you guys have questions for us or you want to talk about anything related to Long distance relationships you can contact us.

Where can our readers contact you?

Instagram: ourldrstory7