Long-distance relationships (LDR’s) aren’t that unusual nowadays for a multitude of reasons. Young people bid goodbye as they move out to faraway cities where they can pursue education or their dream job.

As we know, the distance can be a challenge at times! One proven way to keep the fun alive is to play online games with your LDR partner.

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Best Online Games for LDR Couples

1: Fortnite: Battle Royale

Arguably one of the best couch games for 2 players is this insanely popular game. As the name implies, Fortnite is an example of a battle royale title. If you’ve seen Battle Royale or The Hunger Games, it’s pretty much like that.

The reason why we recommend Fortnite among all other similar games is its two-player feature. You and your partner can work as a duo in the game.

Land in the same area, collect items and be the last couple standing. Quick tip: Use the mic not only to strategize but also to catch up with each other.

The mobile version is only available for Apple users, so you can try playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Rules of Survival on your Android device instead.

2: Second Life

With nearly a million active players, Second Life isn’t actually advertised as a game. In this virtual world, people don’t have any monsters to kill or quests to accomplish. Second Life wants people to create their own set of objectives.

What makes Second Life one of the longest-running video games for long distance couples — the game debuted way back in 2003 — is that it has no limits. You and your partner can create avatars that resemble your actual selves.

If the two of you are above 18 years old, access to adult-rated areas in the game is granted. This allows you to have intimate in-game activities with your partner — and this doesn’t just mean hugging and kissing.

3: Don’t Starve Together

Just like Fortnite: Battle Royale, this game requires you to survive. The first game is titled Don’t Starve, so you know that Don’t Start Together is what long-distance couples should be playing.

Every game is going to be unique as you and your partner traverse the map and gaze upon the creepy yet cute art style. The game is available on a variety of platforms including Windows, Android, and the Nintendo Switch.

Up to six players can join, so this is truly one of the best multiplayer games for couples. You can invite not only your lover but also any mutual friends. Consider it a survival game version of a Skype group meeting.

4: Hearthstone

How about card games? Magic: The Gathering is arguably the best trading card game in the world, but its online version leaves a lot to be desired. Thankfully, Blizzard took a chance and developed Hearthstone.

Based on WarCraft lore, Hearthstone is whimsical in terms of the animation and the sound effects. It honestly feels as if you’re at a pub having a friendly competition with elves and orcs.

Plus, Hearthstone is a free game! You can spend cash to buy booster packs, but player experience shows that you can win and have fun even if you don’t empty your wallet.

Moreover, it is one of the best free online games for couples because of how short each battle can be. There’s even a mobile version of the game, so you can play with your partner during lunch break.

5: Stardew Valley

Finally, we’ve got a title that fans of Farmville and Harvest Moon will appreciate. This indie game is so well-designed that it’s sold more than 3.5 million copies ever since it was released back in February 2016.

The objective is to take on the role of a farmer. You’ve moved from the city to try out a living in Stardew Valley. Here, you not only grow plants and raise animals but also conduct mining and socialize with other residents.

There’s a four-player gaming mode so that long-distance couples can enjoy the simulated rural life together. Be warned that online games for long distance couples like Stardew Valley should be played in moderation. We’re not kidding when we say that it’s relaxing to the point that it becomes an addiction.

Why multiplayer games are great news for long-distance couples

You might be wondering why you should be asking your partner to play online games with you. After all, aren’t there already a variety of ways to keep in contact?

You’ve got Facebook and Twitter for sharing rants and memes to each other. Skype and Messenger allow endless text and video conversations. We all know how people love posting photos of their partner falling asleep while the webcam is still on.

The answer lies in what makes video games so appealing: immersive fun! Even back in the days of Mario and Pac-Man, people immediately got hooked to games. Today, there are so many multiplayer video games that cater to different types of people.

Plus, it feels nice to share the experience of being in a virtual world with someone important to you, right?

Simply put, online games provide long-distance couples with a way to create new, exciting memories together.

What are the best platforms to play online games on?

You and your partner can enjoy games using a variety of devices. However, which one is the best? The truth is that there’s no absolute winner here. Each gaming device offers its own set of advantages LDR couples will appreciate.

Consoles like the Xbox One and the PS4 have exclusive games to offer. There’s also no denying that some people prefer a joystick over a keyboard and mouse. Likewise, more recent Nintendo Switch offers versatility and portability.

But if we had to choose, we’d pick two devices:

1) a smartphone

2) a computer

The advantages of using a phone and computer for online gaming

If you and your lover have these, you’ve already guaranteed yourselves a darn good time. Why? Here are a couple of reasons:

High-Definition Gaming

If you’ve ever heard someone talk about the PC master race, chances are they’ve witnessed the glory of computer gaming. The fact is that desktop computers and even gaming laptops can be modified to further improve their performance.

Having the right of money will help you assemble the perfect gaming PC that no Xbox or PlayStation can match.


With a smartphone or laptop, LDR couples can enjoy online games even if they travel all the time — but only as long as the area offers an internet connection.

Multi-Purpose Devices

How do you keep in touch with your partner? Perhaps through Messenger, Skype, and even email. Smartphones and computers serve not only as your gaming platform but also as your main communication device.

A Multitude of Online Games to Choose From

Gaming consoles lure people in with their exclusive titles. In contrast, smartphones and computers pretty much have an endless amount of games to choose from.

Computer gamers have Steam, Battle.Net, and web-based online games. Mobile users have app stores brimming with casual and addictive games.

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best online games for long distance couples