One of the greatest things about the modern world is that it allows us to be so much closer to our loved ones than ever before. No matter where you are, no matter how long you are apart, a heartwarming moment is just a click away with the right technology – and some inspired ideas.

You already have the technology, whether it’s on your laptop or phone, in the form of Skype – a wonderful tool that we can use to bring some extra sparkle to our long distance relationships. As for the ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Here are seven amazing, fun, quirky and memorable things you can do in a long distance relationship over Skype – why not try them all?

Fun long distance relationship games to play on skype

Playfulness and flirtatiousness go hand in hand in relationships, and when you’re in a long distance relationship games can be a fantastic way to spice it up with your partner. They bring fun and laughter, and most of all they create intimacy and happy moments. Here are our favorite Skype-appropriate games to play:

1: Truth or Dare

A classic for a reason, truth or dare is a game that starts off with easy questions and dares and can build up to a fun-filled extravaganza. The best thing about doing it over Skype? Video chatting will provide ample proof of the completion of dares (and in many cases, photos or sound bites will do too!)


Image by someecards

Start off with simple questions related to likes or dislikes, such as “what do you like in a girl” or “where in the world would you most like to travel” and easy dares such as singing a sing, reciting a limerick or taking a selfie while making a funny face. Take it as far as you want and if it goes well, don’t be shy with the outlandish dares! When else can you challenge your partner to follow a karate tutorial on camera for you?

2: Never have I ever

Definitely the more daring (and boozy) sibling of Truth or Dare, Never have I ever is a game where you get to find out a lot of (unwanted) information about your partner. The basic rules are that you need to have a bit of strong alcohol in front of you, and say phrases that begin with “never have I ever”. Whenever one of you has actually done that specific thing, congratulations! You have to take a drink.

It’s good to start with fun and easy statements such as “never have I ever cheated on a test in school” so that everyone gets a little giddy before going to the hard-hitting, risque ones. The best part about doing it over Skype? Falling asleep in front of the camera together and waking up the next morning, disheveled, hung over and with the camera still rolling!

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Sexy things you can do in a long distance relationship over Skype
(that don’t involve nude photos)

Flirty is nice but sexy is better, especially when you don’t need to bare it all on camera in order to get your long distance partner steamed up. Here are three fantastic ideas that will put the spice into your long distance relationship:

1: Book club

A little bit of erotica goes a long way, and while a good old fashioned film can be great, why not try a sexy book for a change? Like this one, ‘Erotic Fantasies for Couples‘ (Amazon link). You can have your very own two person book club, deciding on a smutty novel to read every month and sharing impressions about it when you’re done. It’s a great way to learn a lot about your partner without putting any pressure on them to “confess”!

2: Fantasy swap

Another quick and easy way to learn more about each others fantasies is a swap. Rather than simply telling each other your fantasies in turn, which can be awkward and embarrassing, you can write them down (in great detail!) in a document, save it, and then share them with each other at the same time, on the count of three. It’s thrilling to open your partner’s document and find out that you have the same fantasy, and even more thrilling to discover something you never expected!

3: Dress up

The great thing about playing dress-up over Skype is that you can leave as much (or as little) to the imagination as you want. Set up a curtain or screen in front of the camera that you can duck behind to change, select some outfits and items to try on for your long distance partner, and ask him to decide on what you should wear on your night out. Whether or not you actually go out wearing that outfit, or at all, is optional! A little sexy music can go a long way, and it’s a great chance for you to make the rules and flaunt what you’re proud of. The best thing about doing it over Skype? Your partner can save his favorite snapshots for later… research.

things to do in a long distance relationship over Skype

Memorable things you can do for your long distance partner over Skype

Whether it’s a special event or you’d just like to treat your partner to something a little different, don’t imagine that being on Skype limits you to just talking. Here are some things you can do that are sure to blow your long distance partner away:

1: Book of us

By now you must have some pretty impressive Skype chatting history, right? That first night of constant conversation, cute messages you sent each other for no reason, even fights you got through are all a part of your history as a couple. Why not take some of those amazing moments of writing each other and turn them into a booklet?

Take some photos or draw some illustrations to bring it all together and you’ve got a gift that will surely impress. You can either print it and bind it as a book, or send it as a .pdf to brighten your loved one’s day! Try Canva if you choose the online pdf option.

2: Out on a date

Imagine this: your partner is getting ready to video call you over Skype. He already looks forward to it a lot. But what’s this? As soon as you answer, he notices that you’re dressed up nicely, and ready to go out. The best part? You’re taking him with you.

With any halfway decent data connection on your mobile phone, you can use Skype to carry your long distance partner out with you for a date, and he doesn’t even have to wear pants!

The museum? No problem. The park? Sure. A restaurant? Maybe a bit awkward, but why not? Take him to meet your friends or see your favorite places. It’ll be an adventure!

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Skype dates can be a lot of fun in long distance relationships. Keep it creative!

We hope these examples inspire and thrill you. We hope it all turns out well for you. And if it doesn’t all go exactly as planned, don’t worry. If you trip over a cable and fall on the cat while doing a strip-tease for your partner, don’t panic. In the end, it doesn’t matter.

The effort and thought you put into making your relationship special is what counts. In a long distance relationship, you’re not using Skype to send just photos and messages  …You’re sending love.


Words by: Alexandra Pana