Dear Editor,

Love… that’s something we are all looking for. Some are lucky enough to experience a true love story in their lifetime, some meet the love of their lives somewhere where they could not even imagine that it would happen, and some are so unfortunate because they have not had the chance to meet that special someone that will make their days complete.

I thought it would not happen to me either and then everything became a reality. I was tired of all the work at my hospital. I needed a huge break from everyone and everything. I booked a hotel and a flight for a one in a lifetime trip to Australia. Growing up in Scotland, I would often dream of sunny days on the beaches in warmer places, I would watch every travel show on TV and think about open spaces and big blue waves. My month long trip was booked, and this was all about me fulfilling my dreams.

My trip was going well, I had explored and seen some amazing places. One evening, I decided to have a drink at the nearest beach bar. I wanted to relax and unwind, take a minute to pause my thoughts. I did not have any intention to meet a boyfriend on this trip. But an unpredictable thing happened.

I got talking to a cute guy, let just say he had a way about him that I hadn’t experienced before, I was mesmerised by his eyes and by the stories he told. My heart started beating faster as soon as I noticed that he was interested in me. Our conversations just flowed, time raced by quickly, we didn’t want this night to end. I had a really pleasant time with him, we arranged to meet for a coffee the next day. But I did not realize that with this invitation I was inviting him into my life.

The next day we had the most amazing time. I was feeling cherished, loved, and beautiful like never before and we only knew each other for about 24 hours. We spent the next couple of weeks with each other enjoying the time of our lives. The end of trips was fast approaching; I said to him that I love him. Not knowing where these words came from, I felt this inside my warm heart. He said that he loved me too. There were a million butterflies in my stomach, it was unreal. The feeling was unexplainable. I thought that this could be the love I was looking for my whole life and I found it so far away from home.

When I returned back home to Scotland. He is not with me here physically, but mentally he is present in my thoughts, even though my heart is broken now. After I returned home, all of my friends had a different speech about long distance relationships. Some approved of my decision to keep talking with him, some did not. They spoke about hard LDR can be and is this something I was ready for?

And here I am sitting next to my window, back in the cold winter in Scotland. Dreaming once again of the beaches in Australia, but this time in my dreams I’m walking in the sand holding hands with my boyfriend my new love. Do love stories really exist? Mine happened, we are following our heats and writing our own future. All going well, a move to Australia may just happen. I will take it slow and follow my new dreams.

We speak and Skype every day. Before we parted he wrote a letter, saying how he loved me passionately and how much he wanted to see me again. So whenever I hear a friend’s speech about long distance relationships, and how they can’t work, I simply read this letter and keep my own dreams alive.

Thanks you for making the LDR website. Your advice is very helpful.