If you’re anything like me, picking a new username for a social media profile can be long drawn out process.

Thankfully there are many online tools to help us out. That’s right, ‘username generators’ are the new smart way to get the ball rolling. We like to combine this with a manual technique shown on this page.

You can find both methods here plus some tips to get your long-distance social profile moving in the right direction.

Towards the end of this page, we feature our very own unique list of social names that you a welcome to adapt and use for your own profile.

So without further ado, let’s dive in a get started…

How to generate a catchy social media name for your LDR profile

The manual method, pick 2-3 words in any order:

First names
Date you met
Location you met
Your current locations/countries/states
Positive word (matched, conquer, smashing, happy, love)
Hobby/film/activity that you have in common
The miles you live apart

(remember you can use underscores to separate your chosen words)

Username & Domain Name Generator Websites

Namemesh.comThis clever website automatically generates hundreds of ideas based around the 2-3 keywords you enter into the search box. The tool will deliver ideas based on categories like Fun, New, Mixed, Short and Similar. Give it a try with some long distance relationship social phrases.

Leandomainsearch.comThis tool is most often used as a domain name generator, It can also be handy for finding cool usernames too.

Spinxo.comEnter upto 6 keyword phrase based around your name, nickname, What are you like, your hobbies, important words and numbers. We found this slightly hit and miss but the website seems very popular so well worth a try.

Check Username & Domain Name Availability Across Multiple Networks!

Namecheckr.com – A smart tool that scans social media networks and checks availability of your chosen name. Maybe you intend to start a Long distance blog of your own and want to check the availability across all social channels. This is the best tool for that job.

How to choose a winning social media name

We strongly advise you too whittle down your list to your strongest 3-6 LDR social names. Then ask your Facebook friends to help pick a favorite.

For instance:

“Hey guys i’m about to start a new blog to journal my long distance relationship activities. What do you think on these social names. Comment back with your favorite number”

1: loveoverdistance

2: ourldrlovestory

3: thefateofskypedates

4: makingthedistancework4us

5: my_LDR_adventures

6: herLDRdairies

See our other popular page > Helpful long distance terms & abbreviations

Six tips for a successful LDR instagram account

#1: Engage with other Instagram Users

Make an effort to seek out other LDR couples and comment often on their pictures. ‘Likes’ are easy, whereas good comments make a real lasting impression.

#2: Post at the Right Time of the Day

Some experts report the best time of the day is to post around 5-6pm. Think of your audiences time zone and the time of day they are most likely to be using the app?

#3: Be Smart with Hashtags

By adding a nice bunch of long-distance hashtags, you’ll be attracting a new audience! Try adding a mixture of LDR hashtags and other tags that relate to the picture you are posting. Just remember to keep it related and not to seem too spammy or overuse with too many tags.

#4: Make a Call to Action

Rather than just posting a photo, ask your audience a question within the text.

For Instance:

“Loving this trip, I can’t believe we are reunited after 4 months apart. Do any of you guys have any tips for good restaurants in the Seattle area”

This is the best way to interact with your followers and quickly grow a new tribe also.

#5: Use a Good Mixture of Content

One of the best ways to grow your social audience is to post a good mixture of pictures, video, quotes, daily activities and stories. Keep it varied, be honest, show the good days and the hard times.

#6: Be Consistent with Your Posts

That’s right folk, posting at the right time of the day and consistently throughout the week will gain you those big follower numbers.

Finally here’s the long list of names we generated. Please share this page and comment you found this helpful. Best wishes.

67 Long Distance Relationship Username Ideas

  1. Hearts at distance
  2. 2000_smiles_apart
  3. Separated souls
  4. Patience beats distance
  5. l00000ng_d1stance
  6. Me you distance wine
  7. Missing_you_4ever
  8. speedy long_distance
  9. Hugs loves pugs
  10. Galaxy of dreams
  11. Rock solid love
  12. Miss foxy mr red
  13. Dating at far
  14. Magic at distance
  15. happy love ldr
  16. 2_cute_ducks
  17. Happiness jess
  18. Our ldr summer
  19. Sparks flying 3875
  20. LDR tribe
  21. Plan_4_future
  22. Wait_4ever4u
  23. Dave_Sally_289_miles
  24. Stronger everyday
  25. love_last_4ever
  26. Started_with_kisses
  27. USA 2 Ireland
  28. Miss_skype_dates
  29. wishing you close
  30. Time Ninjas
  31. Clock_watcher
  32. Relation_ship_hooray
  33. My_ldr_love_lasts
  34. Squiggley_love_letters
  35. Crushing our distance
  36. Started with smiles
  37. Closed our distance
  38. love beats distance
  39. United by passion
  40. 1001 miles apart
  41. owning our LDR
  42. One day closer
  43. LDR Adventure
  44. Divine devotion
  45. In_my_heart_ldr
  46. Shadow light 2108
  47. LDR 4000 miles
  48. closing our distance
  49. Our_L_Distance_Love
  50. 1478 km LDR
  51. miles_with_love
  52. 2 countries strong heart
  53. Wifi and wine
  54. Married with distance
  55. Anything 4 you
  56. Snap babe
  57. travelling 4 miles
  58. USA 2 UK
  59. LDR vibes
  60. Reaching_out_4u
  61. Got_u_babe
  62. Loving_our_Journey
  63. Those baby blues
  64. Twinkle twinkle ldrs
  65. Wishing-u_here
  66. Military ldr tribe
  67. In my soul

Feature image by: Freepik.com